Vedant Misra

About me

I am a researcher, engineer, and entrepreneur passionate about advancing science and technology in order to develop new kinds of useful systems.

My background is in developing and shipping high-value automated systems by leveraging and advancing the state of the art in deep learning. The long-term research objective I'd like to work toward is multimodal models that safely and robustly generalize out of the training distribution across a variety of environments and can learn by interacting with humans.


I lead a group of researchers and engineers at OpenAI, focused on developing methods for unlocking new capabilities that we believe to be on the path to artificial general intelligence. Previously I led the Machine Learning Labs team at HubSpot, focused on developing new products with text, images, and audio by leveraging large neural networks and human feedback.

Prior to that I was founder and CEO of Kemvi, which was acquired by HubSpot. Our vision was to accelerate the topline growth of businesses by using machine learning to understand and personalize language at scale.

I studied physics, mathematics, and economics at Columbia University as a Rabi Scholar, worked on black hole research at the Institute for Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle physics at Columbia, and studied complex systems at NECSI, an independent think tank focused on applying methods from physics and math to societal problems.


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Thanks for stopping by! You can find me at vedantmisra on Twitter or vedant on Github.