Vedant Misra

I work on artificial intelligence research at OpenAI. Previously, I was founder and CEO of Kemvi, acquired by HubSpot.


Meditation can profoundly change your life, and if you think of it as just a tool for stress relief, you're completely missing the point.

The world of The Matrix is a dystopia. But we're so addicted to distractions, and we're so close to asking machines to generate them for us, that we're slowly creating that dystopia ourselves.

Technical projects

Implementing the simulation methodology used by the team at Five Thirty Eight to predict the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential election.

Implementing a Markov chain-based research paper title generator.

An explanation of the algorithms used by elevators for scheduling.

An analysis of the Social Security Names Database to identify patterns in birthname trends that can predict which names will be popular.

An explanation of a popular exploit in Android used to root Android phones.

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