Vedant Misra


I work on AI and machine learning at HubSpot. Previously, I was founder and CEO of Kemvi, which was acquired by HubSpot. We built DeepGraph, an engine that extracts information from the web to accelerate business transactions. We developed novel algorithms that learn to read and understand language like a human.

I believe strongly in the use of science and technology to solve the world’s biggest problems. I am enthusiastic about the future of artificial intelligence.

I've worked on black hole physics1, statistical finance2, human-computer interaction3, and machine learning4. My work has been covered by TechCrunch5, Fortune6, Wired7, BoingBoing8, Technology Review9, PhysOrg10, BostInno11, ScienceNews12, VentureBeat13, Reuters, and others.

I studied physics, mathematics, and economics at Columbia as a Rabi Scholar. I later worked at NECSI, an independent think tank in Cambridge, MA focused on complex systems research.

  1. Non-linear dynamics applied to orbital dynamics around black holes. See paper and pre-print.

  2. Work on short interest anomalies, market instabilities, and market microstructure.

  3. Patent on information visualization.

  4. Paper using ML to identify instabilities in networks.

  5. TechCrunch coverage when we launched DeepGraph and when we were acquired by HubSpot

  6. Coverage of Kemvi in Fortune

  7. An app we released for iOS achieved over 100K downloads and was covered in Wired of a

  8. Our work on market manipulation received some coverage in BoingBoing

  9. MIT Technology Review covered our work on the financial crisis.

  10. Our statistical analysis fo market manipulation was covered in PhysOrg

  11. We were listed in BostInno as one of 9 Boston AI startups to watch.

  12. Our work on market manipulation was covered by ScienceNews

  13. Coverage in VentureBeat of the Kemvi acquisition