Vedant Misra

I work on artificial intelligence research at OpenAI. Previously, I was founder and CEO of Kemvi, acquired by HubSpot.

What happens when you slack off in one class for an entire semester?

Well, when finals time comes around, this is pretty much the only way I can imagine the night before the test progressing:

9 pm: "I think maybe I'm gonna have a cup of coffee."

3 am: "GONna Get me some Red BUULLl reDBULLL"

5:30 am: "Do you know anywhere I can get like like ten grams of, ten grams of, andhyrous caffeine, caffeine? Andhyrdous....anhydrodus...androgenous...caff..."

2 pm: "Hi, uh, how much modafinil do you usually prescribe to sleep-deprived narcoleptics in charge of heavy military equipment? Okay, could I have five times that quantity injected directly into my bloodstream, please?"

I'm just kidding, by the way -- I stay away from Red Bull; it tastes horrible.

And wow, that was pretty link-heavy. Must be all the drugs.