Vedant Misra

The hunt for Norwegian Railways

Sometimes I spend a lot of time looking for the music from television commercials. I pretty much always find the song I'm looking for, after hours of googling and searching. However, one song has eluded me...

Several years ago, I think it was in the late nineties or early tweens, I saw a commercial for Norwegian Railways on a "World's Best Commercials" show on NBC or Fox or some other primetime channel. This commercial had some of the most awesome guitar music I've ever heard, and I've been trying to find it since then. The commercial itself was pretty awesome too.

In the ad, at some point there was a witch flying through the air, there were panning shots of mountains and scenic landscapes, and at certain points, they cut to shots of the guy who was actually playing the music; if my memory serves me correctly, he was sitting in a dimly lit area, playing his guitar.

Alas, years of Googling have brought me no results; if anyone out there can tell me what song it was, or find me the commercial, or give me the name of the person who made it, or provide me with any information whatsoever, I would be happy.