Vedant Misra

Soda bottles, Nigel, Bad cop.

Sometimes I wonder how much free stuff I have let slip through my fingers by not keeping the caps from 2-liter soda bottles. I haven't really seen too many soda bottles lately that weren't offering the chance to win something, so I think maybe I might have already won something and never cashed in on it.

I was on an airplane that landed at Heathrow. The captain came on the public PA announcement address system (redundancy for comic purposes) to tell everyone to stay in their seats even though we'd stopped moving and were at the gate. Then six police officers fully decked out in black body armor with all sorts of crap hanging from their belts and assault weapons on their backs pranced into the cabin. Three in each of the two aisles down the length of the plane. One of them said "Nigel, third row" as he walked by our seats. Nigel grimaced, walked a few steps further past the bathrooms in the middle of the cabin, grabbed a teenage girl by the arm and all six officers left.

It was a little strange.