Vedant Misra

I knew all of the hard work would pay off eventually

I can't tell you how much this honor means to me. Thanks to everyone for their support and dedication over the years. For those of you who haven't heard yet, I am TIME magazine's person of the year for 2006. Here's a link to the story. I intend to leave school and write a book about my journey to this point. I'll remember not to let all this fame and glory get to my head; I'll always remember you little people.

[Soo...basically, TIME couldn't come up with anyone because apparently, nobody did anything world-changingly amazing this year, and this was their lame fall-back idea.]

Aaand here's the best part: apparently, they didn't tell their advertisers what was up. The Chrysler ad that came on before the page loaded caught me eyeball:

"...but at least you can buy an overpriced car," said the ad. Uhh...I guess Chrysler figured it was a safe bet that TIME wouldn't go this route. Kind of like, you know, everyone else, who thought that the person of the year might be, I dunno, an actual person. Al Gore, with all his talk of the end of the world, might have been a good choice. Or maybe, if TIME wanted to push the user-driven-media angle, those two filthy-rich punks from Silicon Valley who made some kind of video-uploading website, UToob or something.