Vedant Misra

Five Orange Pips and the Cult of Osiris

This post is dedicated to the many people who have started asking me about Five Orange Pips and the Cult of Osiris, the brilliant game herein affectionately referred to as FOPatCoO, five orange pips, or simply pips.

Anyone who has ever played FOPatCoO knows of its addictively unique appeal. I am bound by the cardinal rule of pips to refrain from revealing any of the rules involved in playing the game This means that the only way to learn to play is to deduce the rules by finding two or more people who already know how to play, and watching them play a game. (Go ahead, google it, I dare you to find the rulebook, unless some moron has decided to go against the entire principle of the game and post it online).

However, for those of you who are itching to try to figure out how the game works, I can say that it is a riddle-based puzzle game that requires a certain extremely advanced level of lateral thinking, creativity, mathematical aptitude, and a working knowledge of cultural, social, and political history to derive the answers to the riddles.